utorok 11. februára 2014

Obsah knihy Infamous od Lauren Conrad

  1. A turn for the better
  2. The rules of unofficial cohabitation
  3. Don't make me call them myself
  4. The voice of an angel
  5. How to make an entrance
  6. Cue the Hollywood hunks
  7. Going nowhere but up
  8. Whoever said dreams can't come true
  9. The nature of the business
  10. Larger than life
  11. Things are about to change
  12. An entirely different person
  13. A regular cupid
  14. The time of my life
  15. Spicing up a story line
  16. Bigger. Better. Brighter.
  17. A little red carpet thing
  18. A short communication break
  19. Don't worry, babe, I still like you
  20. Pretty good while it lasted
  21. A star waiting to shine
  22. You get one chance
  23. A lover, not fighter
  24. Don't call us, we'll call you
  25. A long, emotional road
  26. Look what a cat dragged inň
  27. A bright side to everything
  28. That is genius
  29. A little bit brighter
  30. A lot of history
  31. The source of so much drama
  32. Another chance
  33. Totally unexpected
Epilogue: Moments in the sun

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