nedeľa, 10. apríla 2016

Sunday evening thoughts

Do you ever wonder why you got such a crazy dreams, because I do a lot, even thinking about things and writing in English is not normall when I realize that not everyone can understand. First I wanted to be a event/wedding planner, travel on my own through Europe and even America, than write a book and have an exhibiotion... They say you should dream big and that you should make your dreams come true. But I am able to do so...?

It all started when I was born on Friday August 19th in 1994. As the new millenium started I began my 9 years in elementary school. Which were not so much fun actually. But being bullied was not the only one thing which I remember now after 7 years. It was also about friendship, first love and even kiss in my 13 years old (spoiler allert it was with the boy I had a crush on and it happened in shool and even had a , which was probably what made me to think I earn to be taken nicely. As my grades were great I applied on Grammar type of high school, which was also because I did have no clue what I wanted to do. I learned more German language, actually 8 lessons a week, but also started to learn English, which I fell in love with. Not even mentioned few of my best friend I met. Also it was around these years when I started dating my current boyfriend, got to know my idol Lauren Conrad and began to think what it would be like to be an event or wedding planner. This isn't that much common in our country, but somehow I let it go, as the time flies. Than there was like a ton of event in my life, break up, finals in senior year and also finding right university. Which happened to be the nearest with English, but because of combinations I had, it was not a good at all. I only worked one summer between high school and university and now was time to find a job for longer time than few months. Actually it's now a year I work as shop assistent and I don't know, I feel like it's not the worst. I can travel a lot. I do it even on my own, as craty it sound, that's who I am, prefering shopping and being somewhere where I want o go without someone telling me not to do so. I started braiding with is now huge part of my life and school did have nothing with it. Than I also want to write a book in English, which I don' know how would I want it to sell in country where it won't sell that much good as in America. Trip to some publishers will be needed. And maybe one beautiful day I'd like to have an exhibition about my idol, Lauren, But have I also mentioned wanting to have huge family at least with 3 children? So let me just say, that if somebody tell me, what I'm gonna do, I don't know, because there are so many possibilities, that I don't know where to start. But I got my whole life to find our what it will be... Let's just hope I can do at least 3 things all together like the book, traveling, braiding is fine right now for me. Fingers crossed I can achieve something in this world from this small village in middle of Europe.

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  1. DREAM BIG AND NEVER STOP! always always go for what you want no matter what . .. do not let anyone stop you . . . you do not want any regrets

    Life is just Rosie